Giving Back

We believe giving back is good for the soul. We love supporting organizations that we believe are making a difference in the world. For every purchases, we donate 5% to charities that help educate and empower women and girls and protect and preserve our oceans, animals and lands.

    In addition to the information provided above, we would like to note that the donation associated with the sales of every charity-related product is not tax-deductible to the purchaser.

    If there are any questions regarding our charity program or if there is a charity that you would like to recommend, please reach out to us!

    Who We Donate To

    Women's Foundation of Florida

    The Women’s Foundation of Palm Beach County began right here in our hometown in 2007 and expanded across Florida in 2017. The Women's Foundation of Florida educates and empowers women and girls to be leaders, so they can change the world. We invest in their ideas and encourage their leadership to positively affect the economic, political, and social status of women and girls across Florida. 

    Turtle Island Restoration Network 


    To mobilize people in local communities around the world to protect marine wildlife and the oceans and inland watersheds that sustain them. Their work is buoyed by thousands of supporters, volunteers and pro bono professionals, who help them extend their network around the globe.

    Core Values

    • The well being of marine species, including sea turtles and salmon, is linked to the well-being and future of all life on earth.
    • Raising awareness about the vital balance between life in oceans and on land is a critical step toward changing people’s understanding, attitudes and behaviors with regard to biodiversity.
    • People have a responsibility to advocate on behalf of sea turtles, salmon and other marine species that are gravely threatened by commercial, cultural and individual human practices around the world.
    • People in communities near and far from marine species and their natural habitats have the knowledge, capacity and power to protect and preserve marine species through direct participation as active, informed and vocal advocates.


    Whale and Dolphin Conservation are the leading environmental charity dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins. Their mission is to educate people about the key role of whales and dolphins and inspire global action to protect them and their habitats.