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 My Story

Hi! I'm Mariah Hardy…artist, designer, wife, and mother of 2 beautiful little girls. If I were asked to do just one thing, I probably could not choose! I love creating custom art especially beautiful women, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and home décor that expresses feeling and emotion. 

That’s why I’ve created Rarity Room, a brand filled with passion and purpose. Rarity Room encompasses my love for beautiful, personalized and meaningful gifts. I feel that the things we incorporate into our life should spark joy and happiness, and express what matters most. They should remind us of life’s moments, even the most difficult times, to inspire positivity and help us grow. 

These pieces allow you to express your own style while embracing your unique personal stories, carrying them with you to keep you strong during challenges while reminding you of those joyful moments and people that matter most. 

Whether it’s a personal piece for yourself or a gift for someone special, you are sure to find the perfect piece at Rarity Room. In doing good for you and your gift giving for others, we find giving back feeds the soul. That’s why we will donate 5% for every sale towards educating and empowering young women. 

Thank you for sharing my journey and I hope you find something beautiful that perfectly captures every story in your life’s journey too!




Mariah Hardy with her two daughters