Weekly Giveaways

Weekly Giveaways

I love a good deal! Who doesn’t? I especially love a freebie. I love to brag to my husband about my freebie. I know how giddy it makes me so I wanted to share that happiness with you. 

Every week or biweekly, I will be doing a social media giveaway on one of the many items in my shop. It’s super simple to enter. No tagging 10 friends or following countless accounts or tapping you head while rubbing your nose. I personally avoid most giveaways that require too many steps. My giveaways will be super simple. It’s only 3 simple steps.

1. Go to my Instagram page @shoprarityroom and click the link in my bio. 
2. Click enter now under weekly giveaway.

3. Enter your email and you will be automatically entered. 

Once you have entered there is no need to enter again for all future giveaways. One and done. If your name is called for any of my giveaways, I will email and post it to my Instagram page. All you have to do in return, is send me your mailing address to receive your freebie! 

Good Luck!



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